Part 3: Dress up & Celebrate! I took the girls to a Harvest Party at a local church, as Ella ballerina & Lily the CareBear. Next came home for warm tortilla soup, and then hit the street to trick or treat the neighbors and some nearby friends.

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Halloween Fun 2010

Part 1: One of Chris' favorite traditions, making holiday sugar cookies. What great daddys, Chris & friend Clint, spent the afternoon with their girls bonding and baking delicious memories.

Part 2: The morning after our 1st family sleepover at the Adams house, Chris, Clint & Noelle, with a little help from the little people, carved up some creative designs to greet the Halloween trick or treaters.

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Oh how the 2nd Child can surprise you!

This first one may look like a normal hair washing in the, it was to wash out the half of a travel sized shampoo from her hair! Shampoo that she got out of the bathroom AFTER her bath, AFTER she was dry and dressed AND in the hallway, had to be rinsed out and clothes changed.
Picture #2 in the purple dress-- This is how I found her one day in my bathroom, face caked with my night moisturizer cream so thick it's all over her hair too. AND, she wasn't done there, she also took my big powder brush and proceeded to paint the cream all over the drawers and edge of sink.
Ok- let me say, I really do keep a good eye on her. She's just always been so good at playing quiet and independently that I can go do other things. Ah, but she's now teaching me. These examples, plus another where she put a stool on top of the toilet to get into the cupboard above, all happened last month...yikes!